Point Zero


*A fabulous feel good read*

*The world as you know it could be all about to change*

Point Zero is a feel-good novel, about some youthful professors and bohemian types, who challenge the existence of dark energy and the big bang theory.

The novels descriptions and characterisations make you want to travel to the chronicled neighbourhoods and meet the bourgeois, stoic or fatuous cast, who take you on a light-hearted excursion into their world of gaiety and mayhem.

Telling the story of an alternative reality to the one taught in schools, as a hedonistic adventure, full of buffoonery, that will tickle you in all the right places from beginning to end.


So, at my behest, please treat yourself to a copy of Point Zero and enjoy this world of hedonism as the story tickles you in all the right places from beginning to end.


Beware though as there are many bumps in the road on the way.

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